We can open the world of employment to your child, brother, sister, friend, anyone!

We can assist in Community Based Evaluations, Job Development, Job Training, and Follow Along Support.

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ASSESSMENT SERVICES are designed to help consumers make decisions about their future goals. Staff may use formal, standardized tests, formal and informal interviews, or may observe the consumer on the job and in the community. The objective is to find out the consumer's interests, skills, talents and abilities to help them decide what kind of job, living arrangements, and leisure activities to pursue. The assessment also helps the consumer decide what kinds of services may be needed to reach their goals, and what kind of support they may need. Assessment may range from a single vocational interest inventory to a full, in-depth profile of the individual using information from a variety of sources including the consumer's family and friends. The nature of the assessment process depends on the consumer's goals and needs and their ability to express them.

SHELTERED WORKSHOP provides a work experience in a sheltered environment. In this program adults are trained in good work ethics, work attitudes and work habits. The goals of this program are achieved through the subcontract work provided by various industries. The companies utilizing the services of the Arc recognize their ability to provide them with a high quality job in a timely manner.

The Arc specializes in light hand assembly, packaging, re-work, inspection, wire harnesses soldering, grinding, mailings, collating, and labeling. This list is not all-inclusive, we are willing to give a free estimate on any job that is appropriate for their workers. This program currently serves 63 individuals who are ready, willing and able to work on your job. Email us for a free quote.

COMMUNITY BASED SHELTERED EMPLOYMENT provides a work experience in the community with Arc staff providing the direct supervision. Participants are working on their work skills, attitudes, ethics and habits in the community. The goals of this program are achieved through a contract with the Indiana Department of Transportation the Indiana Toll Road. Two crews clean from the East Point (mile marker 153) to the Toll Maintenance buildings (mile marker 87). This program had 14 individuals participate last year.

SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT is competitive work in an integrated work setting with ongoing support services. Supported employment means support for the individual! A job coach is present to help the individual with disabilities learn all phases of the job. The coach will fade out as the individual acquires the skills necessary to perform independently. They provide as much or as little support as the company desires. The overall goal of this program is to help people understand and believe in their abilities. To have them visualize that "disable, also means 'able' is quite a challenge.

We can help keep your job through training and communication with you and your employer. We can help you find the kind of job you want…it's your choice.

Yes, being disabled means being able to have talents, skills, needs goals, ambitions, and a future like everyone else. Simple said, but hard for others to imagine! This past year the arc worked with 16 individuals in community jobs. Employing a person with a disability can definitely be a win-win situation. The employer sends a message that employees with disabilities are capable of performing the task needed by their company. The employee with disabilities has the opportunity to prove they are dependable, reliable, hard-working, and dedicated as an employee. The focus is on their abilities rather than their disability

At Arc Opportunities, you are served by people that live and work in LaGrange County.
People that know the local economy and job market.

GROUP HABILITATION provides a setting for goal centered activities designed to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in the areas of self-help, basic nutrition, social and interpersonal skills, academic skills, communications, decision making and self advocacy. The ultimate goal is to increase individuals independence in their daily living and to enhance their participation in the community. This program currently serves 14 individuals.

OLDER ADULT HABILITATION provides an opportunity for individuals with disabilities who are 55 or older to experience a work environment combined with community integration. The main thrust of this program is maintenance of skills versus the acquisition of new skills They are doing age appropriate activities through community integration. This program currently serves 7 individuals.

INDIVIDUAL HABILITATION is designed to assist individuals on a one to one basis learning necessary skills to function more independently in all aspects of their life. This program affords the one on one training for approximately 2-4 hours per month for each individual served. The current enrollment is at 14. This program has allowed the Arc to provide services to individuals in our community who would not otherwise be able to attend the day program thereby giving their care givers a break.

SMALL GROUP HOME is an intermediate care facility for women proceeds opportunities for five ladies to develop independent living skills while living in a regular house in a community neighborhood . They are encouraged to be as independent as they can be by making as many choices for themselves as possible. Their health and safety is always a priority. They are learning grooming and hygiene, maintaining contact with family and friends, using the telephone, plan a menu, cook, shop, clean the house, do their own laundry, budget their time and money, learn how to use their leisure time and appropriately integrate within the community. For residents of all ages and abilities..there's no place like home. These ladies are doing what their brothers and sisters have done before them, they are moving out into their own homes and beginning their own independent lives.

TRANSPORTATION is provided for the individuals utilizing day service programs. Additionally, they pick up and deliver many of their subcontract jobs. The goal is transport individuals in a safe and efficient manner. Last year the agency drove a total of 214,265 miles accident free.

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